Mumbai: The war between Bollywood stars Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan has taken a new turn. The forensic experts claim that hundreds of email were sent by Kangana to Hrithik’s genuine email account over a period of six months and all the emails were ignored by Hrithik.
After the investigation, forensic experts have given Hrithik Roshan a clean chit.
The probe was conducted by the private cyber security agency after Hrithik requested them to take his laptop for scrutiny. After the investigation it was found out that some of the emails were junked, spammed and unread. Kangana’s laptop and phone will be checked too, which is likely to happen when the actress deposes before the cops on April 30th.
The matter is now in the realm of investigation by the Mumbai crime branch. Thousands of email were sent by Kangana and some were sent within a span of few minutes.
Meanwhile, the ‘Queen’ actress issued a statement yesterday saying that she feels Hrithik hacked her email ID. Kangana has denied sending any emails to Hrithik.
Earlier, Hrithik Roshan had sent a legal notice to Kangana Ranaut asking her to tender a public apology for having purportedly referred to him in an interview as ‘silly ex’ and refuted her claim of the two having had a relationship.
In her response, Kangana charged him with a clumsy attempt to cover up their relationship. The actress said she was not ‘some dim-witted teenager who has been smitten and that whatever happened between the two of them was with full consent of both parties.’

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