NEW DELHI: Saying that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has made strategic mistakes in the recently concluded Delhi Assembly Elections, the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) has turned into the saffron group’s internal critic after the Delhi debacle.

It seems what the saffron brigade has been shying away from admitting publically, the mouthpiece of the RSS, ‘Panchjanya’ has done it all for them. In the two-part cover story titled ‘Akankshaon ki Udaan‘ of its latest issue, the Organiser has raised questions on the choice of Kiran Bedi as the Chief Ministerial candidate for Delhi even as it pointed out how overlooking party workers may have cost BJP in the elections.

The fortnightly asks several uncomfortable questions to the party in its post poll critical analysis such as why did BJP lose? Was the decision to make Kiran Bedi CM candidate correct? Would the results have been different had Dr. Harsh Vardhan or any other BJP member from the state been chosen as CM candidate?

Not only this, the mouthpiece also points out and questions the decision to protect the former IPS officer as the CM candidate for Delhi because Krishna Nagar that was an extremely safe seat for the BJP and the party had continued to retain that for several years, even that seat went in favour of AAP. Therefore, massive questioning is being followed

Also, after the selection and protections questioning, the mouthpiece has also questioned the leadership crisis in the party. The RSS has made its annoyance and anger after the Delhi debacle quite clear and has done it publically.

The Hindu Nationalist has asked few direct questions to BJP which are certain to put Narendra Modi’s party to serious embarrassment.

Was the party was too dependent on the Modi wave? “Or did BJP lose because of lack of unity in the organization, planning and most importantly respect for the sentiments of the workers?”’ These are some common questions the RSS has mentioned in its post poll critical analysis.

While on one hand the BJP has accepted to many of the ‘mistakes’ mentioned in the mouthpiece of RSS, the party, however, claims to take collective responsibility for the disastrous results of the Delhi Elections for the party.

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