Dehradun: Reacting to the matter of President’s Rule in the state of Uttarakhand, the Supreme Court on Friday stayed the order given by the Uttarakhand High Court. 

On Wednesday, the Uttarakhand High Court had declared null the move from the Centre to impose President’s Rule in the reigning Harish Rawat government in Uttarakhand. The Chief Justice of HC had slammed the Centre’s decision by saying that the imposition of President’s Rule was a “travesty of justice.”

The Uttarakhand High Court’s order, which lifted the President’s Rule in the state re-instating Harish Rawat to the position of Chief Minister, has been stayed by the Supreme Court till April 27, where the SC has demanded the copy of the order passed by the HC. This would entail for the Centre’s decision to still remain active in the state of Uttarakhand until April 19th where a floor test will be conducted to determine the party in majority.

Earlier, the Centre had approached the SC saying that they had been left handicapped from the unavailability of the copy of the order passed by the HC. They also accused Harish Rawat of illegally holding office of the CM. The Governor said that they will only pass a judgment on the matter if they receive the copy of the HC order.


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