Ever since we exposed the Samjhauta blast cover-up, we’ve been hunting for the one person who literally heard the Pak conspiracy proof confessed by three members of the banned SIMI.
Bangalore FSL chief BM Mohan was the man who conducted the path-breaking Narco test on the Nagori brothers, the bosses of the SIMI and their close associate. During their Narco examination the trio talked in great detail about how a Pak sleeper cell based out of Indore along with SIMI cadre meticulously plotted the train blast that claimed 68 lives.
For 9 years these confessions have mysteriously been allowed to gather dust. The NIA under UPA for reasons best known to them have disregarded this vital forensic confession that could have put Pakistan in the dock. Unfortunately, because of its zeal to establish a Hindu terror link the NIA under the UPA accused an RSS member and a group of other individuals linked to Hindu organisations to the blast. This has given Pakistan an unprecedented opportunity to accuse India of destabilising Pakistan.   

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