Nainital: The water supply of the Nainital Lake in picturesque has dropped by 30 meters. This is the first time in 20 years that level of the water has gone down to such an extent.
The level of water is much below the measuring scale. The sedimentation in the city was never seen by locals for years but this year the water dropped to its lowest as it was much below the sedimentation level. 
According to researchers, the main reason behind the drop is that the outflow of the water is more than the inflow. Since, there is a natural spring that provides water to the Nainital Lake, there is no other way for this drastic drop in water.
District Magistrate (DM) has said that they will ensure that the water will be used more judiciously by the people of Nainital. But there is still no concrete solution to this entire problem. 
District Magistrate is taking few measures for the water drop and the administration has started cutting down on water supply since tankers charge is highly inflated. 
Water level too has dipped in 99 reservoirs upto 22%.