New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Sunday, began the 19th edition of ‘Mann ki Baat’ talking about summer, the drought situation and water conservation. He spoke to farmers and heard their grievances over water crisis. In his address, Modi also assured steps to reduce pollution.

Modi in his speech asserted on maximizing the productivity of crops.  “We must conserve water, promote cleanliness drive, resort to water harvesting, conserve rain water and must focus on quality education as well as learning, he stated.”

For the betterment of the agriculture sector, Modi even pitted for having insurance being done for farmers.

PM Modi gave a brief speech and addressed the farmers about water crisis and drought.

“The Ganga is an essential water resource. We have to become a changing agent to conserve water and promote cleanliness drive there, said Modi.

“Drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation are highly effective. They not only help conserve water, but also save a lot of labour,” Modi added.

PM Modi concluded his speech with, “I want to tell all political parties in the country that we must believe in our people as they can do wonders.”

Modi also spoke about the LPG subsidy where he thanked the ‘1 crore’ families that gave up their gas subsidy for the less fortunate.

“I believed in my people. I urged them to give up their gas subsidy. I am very proud to say that today about 1 crore families have given up their gas subsidy,” Modi said.

Mann ki Baat is a radio programme hosted by Narendra Modi with an estimated reach of over 90% of the total Indian population. It started on October 3, 2014.

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