New Delhi: Chief Justice of India TS Thakur on Sunday made an emotional appeal at the Joint Conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices of High Courts in Delhi, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also present, to increase the number of judges in order to handle the ‘avalanche’ of litigations.

“It is not enough to criticise the judiciary; you can’t shift the entire burden just on the judiciary. There is a defection of blame at every level,” CJI TS Thakur lamented.

The Chief Justice added, “How can judges work under such stressful conditions and yet people have faith because we are doing our best. Speeches had been made in the past, people have spoken in conferences, there’s been a debate in the Parliament, but I think nothing really appears to be moving.”

Thakur also said that both the Central and the state governments agree on the point but keep tossing the ball in each other’s court. Amidst all of this, the judges’ strength remains as it is and the tug of war goes on.

Senior Lawyer KTS Tulsi, putting his views forward, said, “This is a very serious situation because the judiciary is being blamed for not being able to decide cases. Whereas at the same time, they are working at 50 percent strength and whatever it is, the Central government must ensure that the appointments are made without delay. This needs to be sped up otherwise people will lose hope.”

Prime Minister Modi, while responding back to Chief Justice, said that he understood the Chief Justice’s concern and added that going forward, he hoped that the Government and the judiciary could work together to find solutions to these issues. 


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