Mumbai: The Supreme Court on Monday cracked the wit on Maharashtra government’s stand over dance bars for not granting license.
Supreme Court has asked the Maharashtra government if they want women to beg on the road instead of dancing in bars.
“Income from dancing in bars is better than poverty,” SC said.
The apex court also criticised the state government for framing strict rules that takes away the freedom of dance bars owners of opening the bars.
“Dance is a profession. If it is obscene, then it loses its legal sanctity. However, the government regulatory measures can’t be prohibitory,” SC said.
Earlier, the Maharashtra assembly had passed the stringent dance bar bill. The new bill fixes accountability on the owner in case of violation of rules, exploitation of women employees, or in cases of obscenity.
According to the new conditions, dance bars must be at least a kilometer away from education and religious institutions, their timings restricted between 6 p.m. and 11.30 pm, and liquor not to be served in the performance area. 

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