Mumbai: In the wake of reports that Dawood Ibrahim has been diagnosed with gangrene in his legs which has left him immobile, former IPS officer turned lawyer Y.P. Singh on Tuesday criticized the Indian intelligence agencies, saying they have become so defunct that they have even failed in managing a recent photograph of the underworld don.
“It is overwhelmingly apparent that Dawood Ibrahim is in Pakistan. But whether he is affected by gangrene, this is a mere conjuncture put forward by certain quarters and also by Chota Shakeel. Unless and until, these specific facts are put to a proper verification through formidable evidence, no credence can be assigned to the entire thing,” Singh told ANI.
“What we require is specific proof otherwise everything else will be just a guess. It is unfortunate that the Indian intelligence agencies are so defunct that we don’t have a recent photograph of Dawood Ibrahim. It has been 24 years and India still doesn’t have a photograph of Dawood. The agencies have failed any information of Dawood,” he added.
It is reported that India’s most wanted terrorist and the man behind the 1993 Bombay serial blasts has crippling gangrene in his legs.
Reports suggest that the doctors treating Dawood have said his gangrene is in such an advanced stage that they would have no option but to amputate his legs soon.
It is reported that the underworld don is being treated by doctors from the Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi, and the Combined Military Hospital, Karachi.