New Delhi: In an upset for the family of marketing consultant Siddharth Sharma who was mowed down by a Mercedes Benz on 5th April, the juvenile accused in the case has been allowed to walk free by the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) on Tuesday. 
This fresh granting of bail for the juvenile would entail for protests from the family against the judiciary. Although the crime, which occured in the Civil Lines area in New Delhi, was caught clearly on tape, the government seems to have decided in finality to charge the murder-accused as a minor. 
Booked under charges of causing Death by Negligence of the Indian Penal Code, the accused was initially granted bail and later rearrested and taken into the custody of the Juvenile Justice Board. The driver behind the vehicle was 17-years-old at the time of the accident; he was four days away from his 18th birthday, which would allow for the court to book him as an adult. 
The minor’s plea for bail was first rejected by the court on 18th April. The Delhi police had slapped graver charges on the minor following the revelation that he was a repeated offender. The boy’s father was also arrested in the case for abetting the crime but was later granted bail on a personal bail bond of Rs 1 lakh. 

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