Shiv Sena, who rarely holds back when it comes to unleashing its wrath against competitors, apart from all this Shiv Sena has decided to honour an arch rival who had always crossed swords with its party members but ultimately ended up earning their respect. 
Four years after her death, the Sena pays tribute to socialist leader Mrinal Gore, fondly known as ‘Paaniwali Bai’, by naming the city’s second double decker flyover after her. The flyover – which connects Goregaon East and West – will be inaugurated today by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray. 
Gore, a corporator and MP from Goregaon, passed away in 2012. She had been at war with the Sena ever since its inception. She had on multiple occasions been subjected to the sharp barbs of the late Bal Thackeray, who often referred to her as ‘Puttana mausi’ (Puttana was a mythological demoness who wanted to kill Krishna in his infancy by breast-feeding him poisonous milk). 
Industries minister Subhash Desai of Shiv Sena, who hails from Goregaon, said, “She was from Goregaon but was a leader of the entire state. I always wanted to name one project in Goregaon after her. So when I spoke to our chief Uddhavji, he told me to go ahead. Balasaheb never agreed with her views, but he respected her. Balasaheb had once told me that while his fight with Gore will never end, he was impressed with her style of working and loyalty to the cause. She never compromised with her cause.” 
The flyover project is being executed by the BMC. The Sena has invited Gore’s daughter Anjali Vartak for the inauguration. “They had severe differences despite which the Sena has acknowledged her work. I am grateful to them,” said Vartak. 
MP Gajanan Kirtikar of Shiv Sena said, “She was a socialist leader. She suffered a lot. Shiv Sena would never get along with her. This is a major project for Goregaon and it’s a good gesture that our party wants to name the project after her.”

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