Tamil Nadu: DMK chief Karunanidhi speaks his heart out. This veteran leader has seen highs and lows in Tamil Nadu. At 93, Karunanidhi is back again on the race to take over Jayalalithaa. DMK Chief discounts 3rd front totally. 

Read his exclusive as well as the first interview given to NewsX. 


Reporter: This is your 19th campaign meeting. How are you feeling?

Karunanidhi: I have to become the CM. If I become the CM, I will do all the good I have done before.

It is already on records. I will do good for the people of Tamil Nadu.

Reporter: What has been your best and worst experience in your political career?

Karunanidhi: Jayalalithaa tortured me, my children and daughter in laws also. It gave me so much pain but motivated me to work harder.

Reporter: And what was your best experience?

Karunanidhi: There are many experiences which made me happy. I cannot be telling everything.

Reporter: In the last 5 years, why do you think this government let down people of Tamil Nadu?

Karunanidhi: Chennai floods were enough to show how they let people down. They opened the Sembrakkam lake which created floods. The decison to open it late was that of the CM Jayalalithaa. She is responsible for the death of hundreds of people in Chennai.  

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