Mumbai: The Adarsh building scam is not a new political phenomenon, but the decision of the Mumbai High Court to raze the building to the ground is. The building, since its inception, had been primarily allotted to the widows and the family members of the martyrs of the Kargil war in 1999. 
But when politicians realised the potential of the government-allotted building, what emerged decades later was a seething pool of corrupt activities pertaining to the allotment of the flats to the kins of netas and babus. 
The politicians and their activities which precipitated this decision by the High Court are as followed: 
Jairaj Pathak
The IAS officer was prosecuted for allowing height increase of the Adarsh building which was originally 6 floors. He was suspended and arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation. 
Pradeep Vyas
The former district collector of the city of Mumbai was accused facilitating the Adarsh scam. No action has been taken against him so far. 
Ashok Chavan
The then Chief Minister of Maharashtra was accused of giving permissions for the construction of the flats. During his tenure, flats were allotted to civilians and his kins. The CM resigned following the scandal. 
Sushil Shinde
The former Minister of Home Affairs was accused of giving allotment letters pertaining to the Adarsh building. No action has been taken against him so far. 
The Adarsh building, which stands tall at 31 storeys, is supposedly ‘valued’ at around Rs 62 crores, whereas market estimates put the figure to at least ten times more. Following the decision taken by the Mumbai High Court, many prominent politicians and citizens have suggested the building be turned into a government facility instead of being demolished. 

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