Baghdad: Thousands of protesters in Iraq stormed the Iraqi parliament on Saturday and entered the heavily fortified Green Zone of the parliament building. The protest is a cumulative effect of the weeks of political turmoil pertaining to the rigidity of the ministers in approving new technocrats. 
The protests in Baghdad ensued after Shia pilgrims were targeted in a bomb attack which resulted in the death of more than 23 people. 
The rampaging protesters broke into the building and entered the offices inside the parliament. While some of the protesters urged their counterpart to remain calm and peaceful, the majority resorted to ransacking. 
Albeit the Green Zone of the parliament is the most secure and fortified facility in Baghdad, the forces present there remained inactive owing to the protesters which numbered to thousands. Some of the protesters pulled barbed wire fences to roads that would lead to an exit from the parliament, blocking the ministers from leaving the building. 
It is being said that after famous cleric Muqtada al-Sadr expressed his consternation about the political deadlock in the capital, his supporters had then initiated the forceful occupation of the Iraqi parliament building.

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