NEW DELHI: Delhi Chief Minister and the Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal on Friday finally broke his silence over a farmer’s suicide and accepted that “rally should have ended.”

Two days after Gajendra Singh’s suicide, CM Kejriwal apologised, saying “I made a mistake. I should not have spoken and we should have called off the rally.” I accept, it was my fault and I apologise if I hurt anyone, he added.

Defending himself, Kejriwal said, “We could not see what was happening near the tree and it was not visible from the stage.” Volunteers immediately ran to his help, he added.

“It was wrong of me to speak after the incident. I even said that I don’t feel like speaking,” said Delhi CM, adding I could not sleep that night as the incident happened in front of me.

He further said, “Investigations are on; whoever is responsible should be punished.” Wrong to dramatise such an incident, he added.

But in the same breath he blamed the media for indulging in sensationalism and drifting from core issues.

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