Mumbai: India’s first conventional submarine in over 15 years, the Kalvari, on Sunday, finally made its way to the sea from Mumbai.

The Kalvari is 67 metres in length, is 6.2 metres wide and weighs a considerable 1550 tonnes. It can fire torpedoes and tube-launched anti-launch missiles from underwater and from the surface making it a lethal addition to the Indian Navy’s fleet.

As per reliable sources, Kalvari is a part of one ‘Project 75’ wherein a total of six submarines are to be supplied to India. With the Kalvari now at sea, five submarines are scheduled to be delivered at a gap of nine months each. By 2020, all submarines of Project 75 will be delivered.

The Kalvari was scheduled to have joined the navy in 2012. However, due to certain shortcomings, her commissioning is now set for September, later this year. Considering the average lifespan of an Indian submarine is 25 years, the Kalvari has already lost out on precious time.

Kalvari Specs:

Length: 67 metre 

Width: 6.2 metre

Displacement: 1550 tonnes

Weapons: Torpedos, tube-launched anti ship missiles (fired either underwater or from surface)

Cost: USD 3.5 billion (Project 75)