For the last seven days, NewsX has been tracking and reporting various developments in the AgustaWestland case.
Today on Day 8 of our investigation, NewsX has spoken to the man who convicted the Agusta kickback takers. Judge of the Italian Court Marco Maiga has spoken exclusively to NewsX and explained in detail why he named Sonia Gandhi and other UPA big wigs in the detailed judgment.
But that’s not all. Judge Maiga has also elaborated on the initials found in Agusta kickbacks money trail. He has gone on to confirm that AP indeed stood for Ahmed Patel. Although the Italian judge says that there is no direct evidence linking Sonia Gandhi to the Agusta kickbacks but he has, on record, said that the Congress president was named in a fax which was part of the evidence perused by the Italian court.
There are many other startling claims made by the Italian judge but 5 points stand out.
1: UPA did not cooperate
2: AP stands for Ahmed Patel
3: Note naming Sonia was genuine
4: Tyagi was bribed for assisting Agusta
5. Judge Maiga said he has traces of several Indians being paid
These are explosive claims indeed but the onus of the probe now lies on the Indian authorities in order to get to bring out the truth and establish the murky money trail.

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