Judge Marco Maiga, the President of the Court of Appeals in Italy, who pronounced and signed the 225-page judgement in the AgustaWestland VVIP chopper scam, on Monday spoke exclusively to NewsX. Here are the 5 big take aways from the interview
1. UPA did not co-operate in the probe: Marco Maiga said that the Italy government had sought co-operation from UPA in conducting the probe. However, relevant documents were not provided. 
2. AP stands for Ahmed Patel: When asked to explain the meaning of the notes, Maiga revealed that AF stands for Air Force. BUR is Bureaucrats while the rest are initials of CAG, CVC etc. He added that AP is the initials of Ahmed Patel and FAM is expansion of the Tyagi family.
3. Note naming Sonia was genuine: Sonia Gandhi in a note had been indicated as someone who will fly in the VVIP helicopters. In the same place is the mention of former prime minister Manmohan Singh. This manuscript was found in the jail of Orsi. He wrote this slip of paper with the names of Italian Prime Minister Monti, the ambassador, as ‘contacts’. The judge also said that no direct evidence against Sonia Gandhi was available.
4. Tyagi bribed for assisting Augusta: There is a manuscript of businessman Haschke which talks of his relationship with the Tyagi family (the 3 brothers). There is the budget of another businessman who has been charged with Agusta to follow this deal. This the budget of one Mitchell of the expenses he showed and is divided with some initials.
5. Traces of Indians being paid: When asked if other than Tyagi brothers, any more Indian suspects were involved, Margo said, “We have traces of several Indians who cud be involved and Indian agencies should investigate into the matter.”

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