New Delhi: BJP MP Kirit Somaiya has dragged Rahul Gandhi’s name in the Agusta controversy. The BJP leader on Tuesday gave a notice in Parliament to raise the issue of the Emaar-MGF–Kanishka Singh deal and how they were being added as additional directors in the company. 
In a letter the BJP leader asks why one of the Agusta middlemen was employed as a director by a firm linked closely to Rahul Gandhi’s principal secretary Kanishka Singh.
Kanishka Singh is a director of Emaar-MGF which employed middlemen Guido Haschke as well as Gautam Khaitan on its board as additional directors.
Addressing the media Kirit Somaiya said, “I expect Mr Tyagi to come out with the truth. Who was co-operating with him? Who was coordinating with him?  And who and what was the behaviour of his political bosses? The work of ED and CBI will become much easier if Tyagi opens his mouth.”
He also accused former IAF chief SP Tyagi  and the Congress of indulging in corrupt practices. He said that things would become clear on May 4 when Manohar Parrikar would reveal the facts in Parliament. 

Kanishka Singh in reply to Kirit’s allegations has dismissed all of them, and called them completely baseless. He has demanded material proof.

The following was the response to Kirit Somaiya’s letter:

Mr.  Somaiya’s  allegations  about  Kanishka  Singh  are  entirely baseless,   false   and   with   an   ulterior political   motive Mr. Somaiya  has  been  making  these false allegations  about  Mr. Kanishka  Singh with malafide intent since  February  2013. Mr. Kanishka Singh rejects these allegations in their entirety. Whether officials of AgustaWestland were involved with Emaar-MGF or not, should be investigated by the agencies. 

In so far as Kanishka Singh is concerned he

(1) Has absolutely nothing to do with the matter; and
(2) Wishes    for    parties    found    to    be    guilty,    including AgustaWestland and/or Mr. Hashke  and/or Emaar-MGF  if  so found,  to  be  punished  in  the  harshest  possible  way.    In any case Mr. Kirit Somaiya is  requested  to  provide  material  at  the earliest  to  his  own  Government  and  its  agencies,  which  will facilitate investigation and enable prosecution of the guilty; and
(3)  Has  nothing  to  do  with  and has  been  on  estranged  terms with  the  Rajiv  Gupta  family  (Emaar-
MGF) who, though related, fell out in 2005 when Rajiv Gupta propounded a Will of Shri Ved Prakash  Gupta  which  Kanishka  Singh  and  his  mother  say  is  a case  of  forgery  and  fabrication,  and  the  matter  has  been pending in court since then.

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