New Delhi: Though, Yoga Guru Ramdev has hit out at former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav several times in the past, Lalu is seen to have become an ardent fan of the yoga guru.
Recently, after a meeting with Ramdev in the national capital, Lalu was seen praising Ramdev saying that he has proved to be a success and that his products are famous across the country. 
Lalu also defended Ramdev over various allegations of him accumulating mass wealth by illegal means saying all his earnings are a result of his hard work. 
Lalu praised Patanjali products saying that in today’s time, when people have forgotten the importance of Ayurveda and natural products, Patanjali products have helped in reviving the era of Ayurveda that was long lost. 
It is interesting to see this new friendship stemming out of a sour relationship.