Today when Vijay Mallya and the term ‘controversy’ have become synonymous, the ethics panel’s report demanding the immediate expulsion of Vijay Mallya form Rajya Sabha has added another angle to the much-talked about Mallya’s on-going controversy.
Because of the debt that Mallya had and his scuffle with the banks, RS Ethics panel had given Mallya a notice asking him to justify his position and reply within a week. 
Vijay Mallya, who is in UK presently resigned from Rajya Sabha on May 2, 2016. His resignation was not accepted by RS chairman Hamid Ansari. Receiving his resignation to the notice of the Ethics panel, it has now asked for his immediate expulsion.
Mallya was serving the second term of Rajya Sabha which was to end in July, 2016. With Ethics Panel coming up with the view of immediate expulsion of Mallya, he will now no longer serve as the member of RS.
India authorities have also asked for the deportation of Vijay Mallya and his passport has also been revoked. 

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