New Delhi: On a busy day for Congress and BJP in the Rajya Sabha, both parties locked horns over the multi-million dollar AgustaWestland scam. We bring to you some of the political anecdotes which surely soared the temperature of the House.



•          AM Singhvi ji almost convinced me with his argument

•          Country wants to know as to who instigated, supported and benefited from corruption, We can’t let this pass

•          Fact that there was corruption in matter is brought out in extensive details in recent judgments of Milan court

•          Single vendor situation was created with a purpose by UPA govt so that Agusta could become the final vendor

•          Italian court says there’s proof of malicious intent

•          There was corruption in Agusta deal. Congress must tell who benefited from deal

•          Bid of #AgustaWestland should have been rejected outright. It had no OEM capabilities. Trial outside India & not on AW 101

•          Instead of making SQR more broad based, narrowed down further, resulted in single vendor. EC 225 eliminated (met all SQR)

•          Italian court said there are omissions at many stages; deal was cancelled by govt of India under advice of CAG


AM Singhvi (Cong):

•          Here is an insecure ruling party trying to foist a charge of corruption on persons unconnected.

•          Shaakhon se toot jaye wo patte nahi hain hum, aandhiyon se keh do apni aukat mei rahein.


BSP Supremo, Mayawati:

•          Supreme Court must oversee the entire investigation process of Agusta 

•          Names of the influential people involved in Agusta scam should come to the fore


TMC leader Sukhendu Shekhar Roy:

•          Agusta scam might be a connivance of BJP and Congress.

•          Constitutional immunity must not be used to camouflage a corrupt politician


Subramanian Swamy (BJP):

•          In the next three years we will find out the names of the people who got the money from Agusta Scam.

•          I will come down and I will authenticate the letter.

•          Ministers and officials named in scams can be prosecuted under the Prevention of Corruption Act in Agusta.


AK Antony (Congress):

•          Our Government believed in zero corruption in defence

•          The CAG report states, that I objected in 2008: AK Antony

•          We blacklisted 6 companies at one go

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