New Delhi: The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), one of the largest e-commercial websites and e-ticketing portal, is feared to have been hacked and information worth lakhs stolen. 
As a result of the hacking personal data of around one crore customers is feared to have been stolen from the server. This data includes personal details as sensitive as the PAN card number, which is used while filing the online reservation forms. 
The hacking of the website has raised concerns and questions on the safety and security, because the hacked data is huge ammunition for the hackers. The concerned IRCTC officials have alerted the Maharashtra government.
Though the website right now is up and running and there has been no message of any kind of hacking that is being displayed on the website, there are fears that the valuable information could be sold to corporations who may use it to target potential customers. 
Meanwhile IRCTC PRO Sandip Dutta has denied reports of any hacking having taken place.

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