New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Sakshi Maharaj, popular for being always present around controversy, found himself in one yet again on Thursday when he allegedly asked a girl to undress in public.
In the incident that took place in Uttar Pradesh, the notorious MP asked a girl to ‘unbutton her jeans’ on the pretext of seeing some injury marks.
The video shows Sakshi Maharaj surrounded by his followers. However, NewsX is not responsible for the authenticity of the information in the video.
The BJP MP has more often than not courted attention with his controversial and pathetic comments on various issues. 
On September 14, 2015, in a speech in Kannauj, Sakshi Maharaj said the madrasas were creating terrorists and that they encouraged their students to carry out Love Jihad.
In another incident on December 11, 2014, he called Nathuram Godse, the assassin of Mohandas Gandhi, a “patriot and nationalist” in the Indian Parliament.
Following the 2015 Nepal earthquake that killed thousands and left millions homeless, on 27 April, Sakshi claimed that the earthquake happened because INC leader Rahul Gandhi visited the Kedarnath temple. He claimed that Gandhi ate beef and visited the temple without purifying himself.
In a more recent hullabaloo, the religious leader had urged Hindu women to produce at least 4 children to ‘protect’ the Hindu religion. 

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