NEW DELHI: The politics and protests continue even after four days of farmer Gajendra Singh’s death who committed suicide in full public view during a rally organized by Aam Aadmi Party headed by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday. (Also Read: Gajendra Singh: All you need to know about the man who committed suicide at AAP rally; he was not just a ‘farmer’)

40-year-old Gajendra Singh hung himself with a tree at AAP’s Kisan rally at Jantar Mantar while Kejriwal was addressing his supporters in New Delhi. (Also Read: AAP Kisan Rally: Farmer from Rajasthan hangs himself)

A farmer from Dausa district of Rajasthan, Gajendra Singh has left every corner including state government, central government and media speechless but at the same time, several questions unanswered. (Also Read: ‘Will an apology from Arvind Kejriwal bring back my son’, asks Gajendra Singh’s father)

Let’s take a look on things which are yet to be evaluated:

 What killed Gajendra Singh?

• Gajendra Singh left a note before his death. Was it really a suicide note? 
• If at all it was a suicide note, did the note narrate reality about his state of affairs?
• As the note claims, was he indeed thrown out of home?
• Where did he get the cloth from to hang himself?
• Did Gajendra Singh go the Jantar Mantar to fight his own battle or he was there to voice the problems of fellow farmers?

What contradicts?

• While the note claims that he was thrown out of home, his family denies of the same. 
• According to the villagers, Gajendra’s father was very fond of his son.
• Family claims that the note, apparently a ‘suicide note’ is fake and it does not match with the hand-writing of Gajendra. Who wrote the note then?
• Gajendra Singh was no poor farmer as his family around 17 bigha of inherited land which is in the name of Gajendra’s father.
• Gajendra helped his father on the farm at the time of sowing.

Was crop damage the real story?

• The unseasonal rains in March damaged crops in 33 districts of Rajasthan. 
• While Gajendra’s village claimed 80% of crop damage, the government however stated that it was approximately 30%.

Was Gajendra keen to make a name?

• Gajendra ahead of his death told his family that he would be back after appearing on television. 
• Gajendra Singh who switched several political parties, from BJP to Samajwadi Party to Congress to AAP, the farmer was known for his fighting spirits and was keen to make a name for himself.
• Gajendra has a weakness of photo-ops and had even won title ‘Mr Desert’.

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