New Delhi: As per current reports Air India (AI) pilots have decided to go on strike from May 10 (Tuesday). The pilots are demanding they be paid their pending flying allowance.
The Indian Commercial Pilot’s Association has taken up the issue and written to the Air India Director of Finance regarding the non-payment of flying allowance.
In a letter written by the General Secretary of ICPA, Captain T Praveen Keerthi to Air India, the letter read:
We have got written commitment from your office that the flying allowance will be paid on May 5, 2016 but looks like the management has gone back to its old feat of defaulting on commitments. This is greatly affecting our livelihood, defaulting on EMIs and further commitments.
In lieu of the above, we will be directing our members:
1. Not to undertake any flying duties till our legitimate payment rewards flying allowance is made as per MoCA approval.
2. Effective 10 May 2016, we will not undertake any international layover flight if the international layover allowance is not paid.

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