New Delhi: Targeting Congress president Sonia Gandhi for featuring her son-in-law Robert Vadra in posters waved about at the party’s mega rally, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday called the ‘Loktantra Bachaao Yatra’ (democracy march) a ‘dynasty march’, adding it is a march to save the dynasty from extinction.
“It’s an irony that the Congress party is calling this as a democracy march. Rather than calling it a democracy march what is evident is and what the Congress party should be calling it is a ‘dynasty march’. Please look around the march and you would find the hoardings and posters of a single family. You would see Vadra ji, Sonia Ji, Vadra Ji everywhere. So definitely it is a dynasty march, it is a march to save the dynasty from extinction,” BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said.
Patra also said that the Congress must hold a ‘surrendering march’ rather than a democracy march.
“The dynasty has been caught in the AgustaWestland case. The big question that the Congress should be answering to is that is it a sort of launch of Mr. Robert Vadra because only a few days ago he (Robert Vadra) was saying that he is interested in coming into politics. And today is not a co-incidence that most of the posters and hoardings carry Mr. Robert Vadra. Is he that the new incarnation is to save democracy in this country? The Congress has a lot of answering to do rather than marching towards the law,” he added.
BJP leader and Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Rajiv Pratap Rudy said that the democracy needs to be saved from this party (Congress).
“Slogan ‘Loktantra Bachao’ needs to be changed. The slogan should be save democracy from Congress. Till now we were seeing the images of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi but today we are even seeing the poster of Vadra. Rahul ji has to answer a lot of questions from Italy to Delhi. These are all tactics to divert the attention of the people,” Rudy added.
He also said Narendra Modi Government is forward at all fronts, adding that India has for the first time got a Prime Minister who not only speaks but also takes action.
Echoing similar sentiments, party MP Meenakshi Lekhi said the Congress is not able to handle the situation and is, therefore, making such statements to hide their faults.
“They are hiding their faults as these people are not able to handle the situation. They are blaming the BJP but their own leaders are sick of the way they work and left them. At all fronts the BJP government is doing work,” she said.
Displaying a major show of strength against the Centre, Sonia Gandhi had earlier waged a war against the BJP, saying she will never let the NDA government succeed in ‘murdering democracy’ in the nation.
Gandhi, who was addressing her party workers ahead of the ‘Loktantra Bachaao Yatra’, also accused the ruling dispensation of firing false charges against the Congress to cover two years of failure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government.
Accusing the BJP of being on a ‘power-hungry’ mania, Gandhi said that the Centre had toppled the Congress-led governments in Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand by sheer power of money, corruption and false promises.
The Congress president also used the occasion to issue a warning to those in power, saying the BJP must not make the mistake of thinking that the opposition is weak.
“We will never bow before them and in the upcoming days we will put a bigger fight against them. I want to appeal to my fellow Congress colleagues and to everyone in the nation to go to every corner of the country and expose the true face of Modi. We will not them destroy democratic legacies,” Sonia said.
Earlier, the BJP had in a countering move staged protest against corruption of the Congress near the Gandhi Statute in Parliament premises.
The ‘Loktantra Bachaao Yatra’ has been organised amid a face-off between the Opposition and the BJP led-NDA Government at the Centre over various issues, including the AgustaWestland VVIP chopper deal and the Uttarakhand political crisis. 

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