Mumbai: In a press conference on Saturday, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis outlined the state government’s plan to alleviate the situation of drought-hit villages in Maharashtra.

The Chief Minister also stated in the conference that prior to the arrival of monsoon; effective plans will be implemented to lift the drought situation in Maharashtra.


Here are the highlights from the press conference:

* Fadnavis met the Prime Minister to discuss drought situation in Maharashtra and made a presentation detailing the extent of rainfall, reserve water and updates in the agricultural sector.

* Fadnavis has submitted a supplement memorandum asking for more funds from the Centre.

* The state received Rs 3,600 crore earlier to alleviate the situation of drought.

* Rs 5,000 crore will be issued to Maharashtra in 4 years to ensure that it become a drought-free state. Plan will be similar to the Jayalukta project.

* Rs 7,500 crore-plan to be introduced to ensure project completion in 3 years.

* Water distribution tankers to be monitored.

* 18,000 more villages in Maharashtra impacted from the severe drought.

* The state govt of Maharashtra will prepare a plan to improve situations until the monsoon season arrives.

* PM Modi has sought information on the Jalayukta Shibir.

* Vidharbha and Marathwada to get the utmost attention from the state.

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