NEW DELHI: The troubles for Coast Guard DIG increase after he continued to say that he did not give the ‘blow-off’ orders to the Pakistan terror boat on the night of December 31.

The daily newspaper The Indian Express on Wednesday released a video that shows the Indian Coast Guard DIG BK Loshali claiming that he gave the orders to blow off the Pakistani boat around the Indian maritime border on the intervening night of December 31.

In the video, the DIG is clearly seen boasting that the Indian Coast Guard blew off the boat. “I was given a speech but I want to speak my mind. Thanking the coastguard officials and other dignitaries present there, he said, it is indeed a pleasure to be here, in front of you. This is my second visit to Surat and I feel privileged to be here in this auspicious occasion of launching this boat.”

The DIG then added, “I hope you remember 31st December. We blew off the Pakistan.. We have blown them off. I was at Gandhinagar and I told at night we don’t want to serve them biryani.

After the Indian Express reported that the DIG claimed of blowing off the Pakistan boatLoshali maintained to disagree with claims. “I do not subscribe to the report. I have not made this statement. The operation was not being handled by me. I was not privy to it completely. I reiterate the boat set herself on fire and was not sunk by coast guard,” he said.

Following the denial claims, The Indian Express has now released the video where the DIG can be clearly seen boasting about blowing off the Pakistani boat on the intervening night of December 31.

A Pakistani boat was caught on the night of December 31 and January 1 off the Gujarat Coast after the Indian Intelligence alerted the Coast Guard that the vessel is involved in some illegal transaction.

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