New Delhi: Condemning last night’s incident of a Belgian woman allegedly being molested by an Ola cab driver, women rights activist Abha Singh on Sunday said Delhi has become the molestation capital and demanded that a criminal breach of trust should also be slapped on the company.
Singh said that FIR should be registered not only against the particular driver, but also against the owners of Ola because they are just not aggregators and are taking a profit out of it.
“And when a passenger books a taxi, he doesn’t books the taxi driver,but he books Ola. Criminal breach of trust should also be slapped on Ola,” she said.
The women rights activist also criticised the Delhi Police for failing to ensure the safety of women in the national capital.
“Delhi has always been called the rape capital, but now I would like to say that it has become the molestation capital. The way women are being teased, molested in taxis, public transports it clearly shows that the fear of law is not there,” she added.
Singh further said that the time has now come for naming and shaming the accused so that they are humiliated and such incidents do not take place in the future.
“The way her (Belgian woman) messages were deleted from her mobile, not only that the driver should be booked under 354 but also under 201 so that he cannot scot free,” she added.
Another women activist Kavita Shrivastava also condemned the incident and said that the companies like Ola should behave more diligently while recruiting drivers
“It is very shocking that a driver can put hand on a woman’s body. Autonomy and security of women cannot be kept in trust of the private companies. Sensitization must be done,” she said.
An Ola cab driver was apprehended on Sunday after a Belgian national alleged molestation while she was on her way to C.R. Park yesterday night.
The cab service provider issued a statement, saying they have terminated the driver with ‘immediate effect’.
It further stated that the service would share all required information with the authorities to help resolve this for the customer, adding that they have ‘zero tolerance’ to such behaviour from drivers on the platform.
Earlier in January, a cab driver allegedly molested a journalist who was travelling from Noida to Delhi.
In December last year, another Ola cab driver allegedly raped a woman passenger, a mother of two children in the vehicle in Bhopal.
In December 2014, a 27-year-old woman was raped in an Uber taxi, which she had hired to return home from a party in Gurgaon. 

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