Pune: In another case of moral policing in Pune, a 22-year old girl was dragged out of her car and was thrashed and abused in wee hours. What is believed to be the reason is that she was wearing a short dress and was hanging out with a group of men. 
Reportedly, the girl and her friends were returning from the rehearsal of her friend’s sangeet function and it was around 5.30 am when they were crossing the Lulla Nagar signal, an area in Pune, when a car started following their car. Afterwards, the group of men dragged the girl out of the car and thrashed her for wearing a short dress. 
The distress of the girl was further increased by the Police who registered FIR a week after the incident took place. However, the two accused, Amit and Shubham have now been arrested. 
State Congress has written to Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis demanding an immediate enquiry, arrest of the accused. It has also demanded assurance of zero tolerance of vigilante mobs acting as moral police. 

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