New Delhi: Congress leader Rajiv Shukla in Parliament on Tuesday raised the issue of the removal of Jawaharlal Nehru’s name from Class 8 textbooks in Rajasthan, a state governed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
Shulka also raised the issue of changing of names of airports, roads and deleting of names from textbooks saying, “Let our established icons stay, you carry forward with your new icons…Will you be able to stop people from finding out from Google?”
Shukla also urged the Centre to take action against the state governments.
Parliament Live updates:
*House adjourned till tomorrow
*That is why irrespective of what happens today, its a constitutional necessity that the ordinance has to be converted: FM in Rajya Sabha
*That can only be approved once the appropriation ordinance becomes a bill: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in Rajya Sabha
*Uttarakhand assembly, if it has a popular Govt tomorrow,will then be entitled to pass its own regular budget, amend & decide for its future:FM
*But irrespective of whether it is President’s rule to continue, Govt A or Govt B, Expenditure from 1st April onwards has to be approved: FM
 *Now ruckus in RS over Uttrakhand Appropriation bill
*Shanta Ram Naik again rises to know fate of his breach of privilege motion against PM
*The numbers were absolutely clear. At that time, those nine members who have been disqualified were voting members: FM Arun Jaitley in RS
*On 18th, as we believe and this was the decision of the Union cabinet,that the budget had not been passed due to various reasons: FM Jaitley
*The passage of the budget on 18th of March by Uttarakhand assembly is a highly contentious issue, its a serious matter: Arun Jaitley in RS
*Baishnav Charan parida: What steps are taken by the government to provide the research facilities in the field of ayurveda?
*Rajni Patil: Artificial milk is being prepared using chemicals and water in the market.
*We are trying to improve the agricultural productivity: Jayant Sinha
*Ravi Prakash Verma: The productivity of the farmers is either going down or it is stable. It’s not rising. 
*What is the action taken by the government against tobacco products being openly sold around school premises?
*Drought a godly act but other parties are turning into a political issue.
*Nation faces drought situation today,around 10 states severely affected.GoI seeing this through a poliical prism-SP’s Chandrapal Singh in RS
*We’ve asked for tankers to distribute water & financial assistance, but we have got a train stationed in Jhansi: SP’s Chandrapal Singh in RS
*K.P. Ramalingam: Generic drugs in the market are not tested for safety.
*Congress in uproar in Rajya Sabha over the issue of changing names of airports, roads and removing names from textbooks.
*Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi: This is a serious issue. We want to assure that no icon is being removed or hidden.
*Naqvi: Those that had been removed, they are being added.