Mumbai: In a twist to the Sheena Bora murder case, Shyamvar Rai, the driver of Indrani has said he wants to turn approver in the murder case.
The driver of Indrani, who is the accused in this case of abetting the killing of Sheena Bora, has come out and said that he wants to become an approver and divulge information on how the entire murder of Sheena was carried out.
The driver has made startling revelations about the manner in which the murder of Sheena was done. He told the court that Sheena was strangulated.
“I am aware about the acts connected with commission of the offence; I was a participant in the murder (of Sheena),” Rai told the court.
This could turn out to be a major setback for Indrani and Peter Mukerjea who are being tried for the murder of Sheena Bora.
Here is an excerpt from what transpired between the Judge and the driver Shyamvar Rai:
Judge: What do you want to say?
Shyamvar: I want to speak the truth.
Judge: What do you know?
Shyamvar: I know everything.
Judge: How come?
Shyamvar: I was present when the incident took place. Iwas present where Sheena was killed. I was a participant in the murder. 
Judge: Why do you want to share all this?
Shyamvar: I regret.
Judge: Are you being pressurised to turn approver?
Shyamvar: No.
On May 17, the judicial custody of all the accused in the Sheena Bora murder case ends, and the CBI has been asked to file its written reply whether they accept the driver’s application to turn approver or not. Because if the driver does turn approver, he will be spilling a lot of beans. May 17 can bring about a major twist in the Sheena murder case. 

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