Dehradun: After being declared the winner in the Uttarakhand floor test, CM Harish Rawat spoke to NewsX about the future of Uttarakhand and of new beginnings. Here are his first reactions post his victory:
I am grateful to all for the floor test victory.
What happened yesterday was a semi-final of sorts. 
Democratic and constitutional values were upheld, but I thank the judicial system in this country.
It was a stressful time for UK but we all agree all is well that ends well. We hope to have a new beginning. We look at it as a bad patch and hope we can start again.
The final report of the AG is awaited but the AG said that the President’s rule will be withdrawn so we welcome that.
We hope that all the sad chapters will be addressed by the centre.
We are a small state with huge dreams. We want the support of the centre.
We thank Mayawati for her support during the crucial floor test.
I will also meet Arun Jaitley and PM Modi and ask them for their support to achieve the dreams of Uttarakhand. We too have supported their (centre) goals, including the Swacchh Bharat campaign.
I’m duty bound to thank my party supporters and the independent MLAs who stood by me in the floor test.
Work on the development of the people will be our top focus yet again. We will try to create employment for the youth; this commitment remains.
I am willing to cooperate with the CBI but don’t know why they are in such a hurry. They have the provision to come and inquire me here.
I will be going to Delhi; I have to thank my leaders.


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