New Delhi: Shashank Manohar has been elected unopposed as the independent ICC Chairman.
Manohar who had stepped down from the BCCI just 2 days ago has now been elected unopposed as the ICC chairman. 
After being elected Shashank Manohar said, “Look forward to shape the future of cricket.”
This comes as no surprise as from day one Manohar was the favourite, with no other contestant present to oppose him. 
He had brought about certain changes and reforms in ICC and it was India’s turn to now be elected, but surprisingly Shashank is not representing India.
For the first time ICC has a chairman who is not representing any country and has been elected as an independent choice. He carries an image of being a clean administrator. 
It will be a 2-year tenure for Manohar, who is an ardent scholar and lawyer. He did have certain reservations in the Lodha Commissions recommendations, where he felt the recommendations were not really possible to implement in the Indian context. 
Shashank’s biggest challenge as ICC chairman would be India’s opposition to the DRS system, because so far India has been the only nation to not adopt it.