New Delhi: A notice has been sent to the Union government on the petition to double the number of judges and expedite the judicial reform system.
The centre has been given a time period of 6 months to reply. 
This was also a recommendation of the Law Commissions 2014 report, which had included the implementation of All India Judicial Service examination on the lines of the IAS examinations. This was recommended to streamline the conduction of judicial reforms. 
Following the statement made by Chief Justice Thakur regarding the paucity of judges, there has been a demand to increase the number of judges. This comes at the back of the emotional appeal made by CJ Thakur in April when he almost broke down while speaking about the conditions under which the judiciary has to function.
CJ Thakur’s words found favour from people among the judiciary as well as from people in the government. 
His supporters accepted the fact that there was a scarcity of judges and that the high number of pending case was affecting judicial reforms and the enforcement of law and order on the public at large.

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