Maharashtra: A day earlier Supreme Court asked the Maharashtra government to issue licences to eight dance bars within two days, however it still remains unclear whether the owners will get the same by Thursday.

According to the dance bar owners, this is a harassment tactic the government is using and they complained that they got to know of the change and increase in amount only when they reached the police headquarters.

A deadline of 6 PM for Thursday evening has been set by the police for all dance bar applicants. However, 8 applicants were supposed to apply for licence today but only 6 arrived so far.

“The Supreme Court has given a directive to the State government to issue licences but we have to go by the State’s laws. We can issue licences if bar owners comply with all conditions or if the State directs us to do so,” said a police official.

“The police will have to seek legal opinion, check how many bar owners have given the undertaking as directed by the Supreme Court, and then issue licences,” said an official.

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