Mumbai: The Railways department on Thursday sent a Rs 4 crore bill to the district collector of Latur, for providing them with 6.20 crore litre of water by sending a batch of water trains.
“We have sent the bill to the Latur district collector as per the administration’s request,” Central Railway’s general manager SK Sood said.
“It is up to the district administration whether to pay us or seek waiver of the amount, through proper channels. We sent the water transport bill as per their request,” he added.
Earlier, in January 2013, Maharashtra first considered water trains for parched regions of drought-hit Marathwada. Discussions were then held with the Railways to arrange wagons to transport 5 lakh litres of water daily.
While Latur city has a population of over four lakh, the district rural areas, with 943 villages, have a population of 18 lakh. The water levels in the 131 smaller dams in the district have depleted fast.