New Delhi: Following the clean chit given to Sadhvi Pragya by NIA on the Malegaon blasts, and the NIA claiming that the Karkare probe was fudged and Col. Purohit was falsely charge, NewsX caught up with BJP MP Subramanian Swamy to know his views on the Hindu terror sham case.

NewsX: If we are to believe that the ATS’s probe was indeed a sham and that all the norms were flouted and it was flawed then the question is who manipulated the ATS?

Subramanian Swamy: Well, it’s quite clear that it was the Congress leadership, and Congress leadership is really one person. And that person has to be sooner or later questioned.

The most hilarious part is that the United States government based on data provided by India on the Samjhauta Express went to the UN and asked that LeT be declared as a terrorist organisation. And no sooner did they get it approved from the United Nations and the LeT was declared as an international terrorist organisation, the government of India did a somersault and said no this is not LeT, it is now Hindu terror. So we know that the whole thing was politically driven. They somehow wanted to appease LeT and I think the LeT’s connection with some Congress leaders will have to be investigated. 
NewsX: There are also very serious charges. We just heard Prashant Bhushan come out and say, that all of this turnaround has been under political pressure. That is the allegation which is very likely. That is what the Congress’ line of defence is also going to be. 
Subramanian Swamy: Yes, let Mr Prashant Bhushan go to Supreme Court and challenge this withdrawal of the charges and I’ll be on the other side to show you how much information he has.
NewsX: He has been citing Rohini Salian on this, the special public prosecutor who last year in 2015 had said that she had been under pressure from the NDA govt to go soft. 
Subramanian Swamy: Well, she may have said that now, but was she under pressure from the Congress? Or she just happens to be pro-Congress and went along doing whatever the Congress wanted willingly. Has she any record? Why didnt she put a protest immediately when she heard it? It’s only after she was asked to leave that she started saying these things.
NewsX: But for an investigative agency such as NIA to make a turnaround of this magnitude, this does go to show this is a very serious offence. The fact that they themselves have now claimed that the ATS may have even planted explosives at the living quarters of Purohit and that the entire investigation itself was flawed, which was led by the then ATS Chief Hemant Karkare.
Subramanian Swamy: Well it depends on who the political orders came. You know that in this matter, Mr Chidambaram himself changed the affidavit. So the officers had no alternative but to obey. So in this case you will have to find out whether they did it suo moto in which case the individual will be prosecuted. Otherwise we will have to find out who the politicians on whose orders they were carrying it out. 

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