Bihar: In the first strong evidence that points at Rocky Yadav’s involvement in Aditya Sachdeva’s murder, Rocky’s friend who was accompanying him in the car has confessed that Rocky had indeed shot Aditya on the night of 7 May.
The confession letter of Rocky’s associate has been accessed by NewsX. In the letter Rocky’s friend has described the events that took place that fateful night. The letter reveals that on the night of 7 May, Aditya Sachdeva was returning home from a birthday party. 
Rocky’s Range Rover overtook Aditya’s car when Aditya failed to give way to Rocky. Rocky stopped Aditya’s car and an altercation followed between the two, following which Rocky shot Aditya in the head which resulted in his death. 
Rocky Yadav was arrested on Tuesday morning from his father’s farm in Bodh Gaya, while the Excise Department had on Wednesday sealed the house of his mother JDU MLC Manorama Devi. 
Meanwhile, the family members of Aditya have demanded a speedy investigation and trial into the incident.