Gaya: Giving an end to all the suspicions and doubts, suspended Bihar MLC Manorama Devi’s son, Rocky Yadav has finally confessed that he fired at Aditya Sachdev.
The DIG has said that Rocky confessed he shot at Aditya and even the pistol with which Aditya was shot was Rocky’s Bret pistol.
On Friday, a strong evidence in the form of a confession letter by Rocky’s friend emerged, wherein his friend wrote that Rocky had shot Aditya. 
The confession letter of Rocky’s friend, accessed by NewsX, describes the events that took place that fateful night.
Aditya Sachdeva, a businessman’s son had recently given his Class 12 exams and was returning home from a birthday party on the night of May 7.
He was in his car with his friends when he overtook the Range Rover belonging to Rocky. This hurt Rocky’s ego who then stopped Aditya’s car followed by an altercation, after which Rocky shot Aditya which resulted in his death. 
With regard to the same case, two notices have been pasted at the residence of Manorama Devi regarding confiscation of the house under the new excise act in which she has been asked to either appear personally or through lawyer on May 20 to present her case as to why administration should not confiscate it. The other notice is regarding the suspension of licence of the arms in the name of Bindi and Manorama.

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