Mumbai: It was a close shave for passengers of Lufthansa flight LH764 when flight operations at Mumbai airport were moved to a secondary runway on late Friday night after the Lufthansa aircraft from Munich stayed put on the main runway after it landed.
As per current reports, four international flights have been cancelled and one flight has been diverted.
The flight from Munich, which landed before its scheduled arrival, had an emergency landing when the pilots reported a problem with the landing gear.
It was reported that the plane’s tyre burst which led to the emergency landing. Fire services were roped in.
As per current reports, the Lufthansa plane has been towed away from the runway and is now in the hanger. 
Futher delays in departures are expected in the coming hours, because certain international airlines do not use the shorter runway for most of the takeoffs. 
Lufthansa so far has not given out an official press statement regarding its further operations and flight schedules.
(Further inputs awaited.)

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