New Delhi: Adding another token to a stash of controversial remarks questioning the modesty of university students, West Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh on Saturday said that the girls who claimed that they had been molested were ‘shameless’  and said that they intentionally fell over ABVP protestors during the scuffle. 
Passing his thoughts on the molestation case inside the JU campus last week during the screening of a film, the BJP president chose to share his crude remark concerning the character of the female students who were allegedly molested. 
Ghosh said that the charges levied against the left-wing students of the accused ABVP members were false and added that the girls had intentionally fell over the protestors. 
“If they are so scared of self-respect, why do they have to go to university?” he said. 
Dilip Ghosh was speaking at a press conference at the BJP headquarters in Kolkata. This is not the first time the West Bengal BJP president has made a controversial remark. 
During the screening of the ‘Buddha in a Traffic Jam’ in Jadavpur University, students staged a protest against the screening of the film inside the campus. And in a scuffle that ensued where participators also included outsiders, two girls were allegedly molested.    

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