Siwan: In an another development in the sensational murder of Hindustan daily’s Siwan bureau chief, Rajdev Ranjan, two people who were detained in connection with the incident have now been arrested under excise act. One of the arrested is known to be Upendra Singh. The accused were sharp shooters of Shahabuddin.
One of the accused however denied threatening Rajdev Ranjan over phone and said that the authorities could check his phone too.
Initial investigation revealed that there are possibilities of RJD leader Mohammad Shahabuddin being involved in the murder of the scribe. Rajdev Ranjan was known to be active in exposing the wrongdoings of RJD and according to sources the angle of his “extensive coverage of all the news relating to Mohammad Shahabuddin” is now being probed by the police. 
Also, the police have found nothing that indicates the angle of personal enmity and thus the highlight is on the ‘angle of Shahabuddin’. 
BJP also hinted towards the same:
Also, the photograph showing Welfare minister Abdul Ghafur meeting Mohammad Shahabuddin in Siwan jail that went viral in April was first received by Rajdev Ranjan.
Siwan SP Saurav Kumar Sah has called it a planned murder wherein at least seven people were involved. As per reports, two killers were waiting for Rajdev near Phal Mandi and bullets were shot from point blank assuring that he doesn’t survive. 
Police have also detained three people. Out of the three detained, one is Upendra Singh, who used to work for Shahabuddin.  
Journalists also held a candle light march in Bihar to show their solidarity with the departed soul of Rajdev and to ask government to ensure that justice is meted out.