Lucknow: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is going to address an anti-liquor campaign in Lucknow with the perspective of enlarging his drive towards complete liquor ban across Uttar Pradesh. This latest development will face protests from the Lucknow Liquor Association. 
Last week, when Nitish visited Varanasi for a convention of Janata United Dal (JDU), he took this opportunity to also voice his call for liquor ban. 
Nitish Kumar also said that he would want to tell Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav to prohibit liquor in UP.  

According to Lucknow Liquor Association, the liquor revenue generated in Bihar was around Rs 4000 crore, but in UP, it amounts to around Rs 20000 crore. 
The association will assemble near the airport on the Kanpur road and will show black flags and raise slogans asking Nitish Kumar to go back. 
The Association also said that if the Bihar CM remained adamant on his demand for liquor ban, it would result in closure of many industries and huge unemployment.
Also, the UP government, which has set a target of generating around Rs 19,000 crore from the sale of liquor from the period 2016-17, will face a heavy loss if the recommendation of the ban is approved.   

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