NEW DELHI:  In a short speech on farmers in Parliament on Wednesday, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government accusing them of inaction in the face of serious agrarian crisis in India. The session saw a major ruckus as the government insisted on refuting the Congress leader.

“We need to lessen their pain, they are howling and your government has done nothing,” 44-year-old Gandhi said in the House reminding the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that ‘your Haryana Agriculture Minister has tagged the farmers committing suicide as cowards’. (Also Read: Farmers committing suicide are cowards, says Haryana Agriculture Minister OP Dhankar )

As Gandhi raised his voice against the Haryana Minister, other Congress MPs present in the House shouted ‘Shame, Shame’ and also took a dig at PM Modi for his foreign visits saying, “The PM is visiting India, let him also visit Punjab and see the condition of the people there.”

In another jibe against Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his big manufacturing push in country, ‘Make In India’, the Gandhi scion asked, “Farmers don’t make in India?”

Rahul Gandhi just returned from Punjab where he visited grain markets and spoke to farmers in stress at the slow purchase of their crops. He is set to visit Vidarbha in Maharashtra today that has seen maximum suicides by the farmers.( Also Read: Congress VP Rahul Gandhi takes a train to Punjab to meet despairing farmers )

Ahead of Gandhi’s speech in the Parliament today, the news of two more farmers allegedly committing suicides in the Amravati region of Vidarbha came in. Rahul will trek 15 km there to highlight the difficulties faced by the farmers.

 The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) rules both Punjab and Maharashtra in coalition with other parties. The saffron party also rules Haryana where a minister of the Modi brigade offered shocking comments last evening. 

“Suicide is a crime. According to Indian law, suicide is a crime. A person who commits suicide runs away from his responsibilities. Such people are cowards and the government cannot stand by such cowards or criminals,” he said.

Just before Rahul Gandhi was entering the Parliament to deliver his speech this morning, he was asked to respond on the statement made by the Haryana minister. While he refused to comment on the matter, he did cross check Dhankar’s name with the reporters before walking in.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture figures, the total of number of farmers’ suicides for agrarian reasons in the last three years stands at 3313.

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