New Delhi: Union Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan on Tuesday said that although Odisha has potential to contribute towards nation building but the Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik has disappointed the people of the state by not fulfilling the promises made.
“Naveen Patnaik got the mandate for fourth time. I feel he has disappointed Odia people. Very few people get the mandate, which Naveen Patnaik has got. Odisha has got a potential for not only to develop it’s own state, but also can make major contribution towards Nation building, if proper policies are implemented,” Pradhan said.
“Odisha has got some advantages for which we can link the state to the world as an Economic Hub, especially in mines and metal commodities, petrochemicals, agrarian commodities. But, Naveen Patnaik has his own thinking, his own way of doing politics. Perhaps he wants to garner votes by distributing things free of cost,” Pradhan added.
Pradhan further said that there are challenges to govern the state due to political differences co-but operative federalism should be maintained.
“Our Prime Minister has given an Administrative Philosophy. He has given many suggestions. One of them is that there will be political differences. But, co-operative federalism should be maintained. People have given mandate to a party there to run the state government. We should accept that. People of India have given mandate to Modiji to run the nation. Odisha has the potential of 450-500 kilometers of Coast line, Substantial quantum of natural resources. Human Resource of Odisha controls many other states’ economy. 
Odisha’s Intellectual power runs many big projects. In such a situation, should Odisha remain poor? Can we call this administration? Shall we say it’s the result of long term ruling? So, these are challenges,” Pradhan said.

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