West Bengal: A 40-year-old woman in West Bengal was lynch mobbed after she was suspected of practicing witchcraft at Debra in West Midnapore on Tuesday. 
Labelling her as a witch, an accusation which provoked the ire of an entire community, Sambar Tudu was thrashed mercilessly by the villagers and later succumbed to her injuries when she was being carried to the hospital. 
A kangaroo court decision revolving around the summon of a local tribal religious leader declared that Tudu did not have the right to remain alive, following which, the villagers turned on her. 
Incidentally, a Ghatal court had yesterday sentenced 14 accused of perpetrating violence on the excuse of the disquiet against the practice of witchcraft. 
Witchcraft, a rampant subject of social stigma and superstition in the state of West Bengal, is normally attested to those individuals who are targeted for their good fortune in their community or if the accused hold a personal enmity with anyone. 

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