Jind (Haryana): Quest for water turned fatal for five people in Haryana on Monday when they entered an abandoned well to revive it.
Police said the victims, aged between 18 and 40 years, died due to inhaling toxic gases emanating from the well.
All of them hailed from Nidana village of Jind District.
“One of the persons entered the well. The other one thought that he was drowning and in his bid to rescue him, he also entered the well. Toxic gases were present in the well and the reason (for death) is the gas. Then the other two, in order to save them, also jumped into the well. Though they tied a rope before jumping but the rope broke and those two died as well. It is a tragic incident,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jind, Vinay Singh Yadav.
The district has been reeling under severe water crisis.
“Water is scarce in our village. In order to make adequate facilities of water for drinking and washing purposes, they decided to clean the well. This is the reason,” said one of the victim’s brother, Ramesh.
The country has witnessed two straight years of drought, the fourth time in over a century.
According to a new study from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the water crisis in India is set to worsen by 2050 due to a perfect storm of economic growth, climate change and fast growing populations.
Scientists say that pressure on water resources will continue to grow as populations increase, creating an unsustainable scenario where supply loses out to demand. 

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