New Delhi: The last rites of Nirankari sect guru Hardev Singh will be performed on Wednesday at Nigam Bodh Crematorium at 12 pm. The Sant Nirankari Mission has made elaborate arrangements for more than 1 crore devotees of Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh.

For those who cannot make it to the venue, the Sant Nirankari Mission has made special arrangements. They can follow the Antim Sanskar proceedings through live streaming by logging on to

Baba Hardev Singh, better known as Nirankari Baba, died in a car accident in Montreal, Canada on May 13. He was 62. He had succeeded his father in 1980, after he was assassinated.

Avneet Setya, the younger son-in-law of Baba Hardev Singh, also died in the crash.

As per media reports, Savinder Kaur, wife of Baba Hardev Singh, has been named as the next head of the sect.